Zenny – AI-Powered CFO for Shopify Merchants

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Become a Zenny Partner

We are on a mission to make e-commerce financials easy and help our clients boost their business. That is why we have created a partnership program for Shopify agencies, performance marketing agencies, financial consultancies and freelancers.

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What's in it for you

Help your clients boost their business and keep them happy

Zenny helps you to demonstrate the effect of your efforts – a happy client is the ultimate win-win situation.

Receive recurring revenue

With our revenue share model you can earn significant commissions from recommending Zenny to your clients.

Get new client leads from Zenny client base

Our clients need a helping hand every now and then and we actively refer our partners to our clients in need.

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Interested in becoming Zenny’s partner? Have a question to ask?

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“Profit is an opinion, cash is a fact.”

-Alfred Rappaport-