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We work with pioneering e-commerce companies wanting to do better business. Whether your goal is to sell more, cut costs or increase profitability, Zenny helps you boost your business through better understanding of financial data and business performance

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Suomen Tuontiliike
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VIBAe sells ecological, ergonomic, and comfortable footwear ethically made by artisans. VIBAe, established during covid pandemic, has become a global “small but big” company in just a few years and they have sold shoes to over 150 countries. Their plans for the future are ambitious – VIBAe’s goal is to ensure even higher level of profitability while doubling their revenue during 2024.

“That is where Zenny comes into picture as Zenny helps us track and forecast our profit and make sure the financial performance matches our growth plan. Last but not least, Zenny has a good vibe in it as well.”

Hannu Salminen / Co-founder

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Suomen Tuontiliike

Suomen Tuontiliike is truly a multifaceted business as they work with retailers but also operate their own brick-and-mortar store and run a successful B2B e-commerce store.

In this type of omni-channel environment it is crucial to understand the overall business performance and that is what Zenny, along with some of our financial experts, is providing Suomen Tuontiliike with.

“Forecasting of cash flow and P&L is the key feature for us, simple as that.“, says Mikko Nyrhinen, the owner and CEO of Suomen Tuontiliike. “Our business is growing heavily and we are keeping ourselves rather busy, and it has been great to see how effortless Zenny was to implement and to use.“, Mikko adds.

Mikko Nyrhinen / CEO

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